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Adam's reasons for using PBWorks

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Reasons and Ways for Using PBworks


Individuals can join free as long as they have a working email. The free version of PBworks offers:

  • 2 GBs of free space
  • System support
  • Public & private settings for individuals
  • Individuals can invite others as users (readers, writers, administer, editor or only page-level viewing)


PBworks as an online/web presence:

  • PBworks can be used as a Learning Management System for teachers
  • PBworks provides individuals with a personal workspace for teachers and students
  • An individual can design as they go – emphasizes the notion that writing is a creative and connective act, a process of making connections through developing and maintaining an online/web presence


Some reasons why teachers might use PBworks:

  • Easy access on the web, no log in required to view a wikisite (just to edit it)
  • Support and maintenance from the PBworks wiki team – reliability, rarely in “maintenance mode”
  • Easy to use – usability and functionality, the design and format, web-based, no system log in required to access wiki pages
  • Allows students to communicate and collaborate about the class and assignments
  • Teachers can store and pull from previous versions and templates re-design them or use them again
  • Allows teachers to envision how she/he thinks their class should look like online, web
  • Allows students to create an online e-Portfolio, for example, please view “Creating and Using a PBworks Account” Prezi presentation below 

“Sharing & Collaboration on PBworks”


“Creating and Using a PBworks Account”



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