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ASU ENG 101 - Tuesday and Thursday


Syllabus Project Descriptions and Digication e-Portfolios Fall 2021

(CRN#'s 86984 & 86985)



ASU ENG 302 - Hybrid - Friday


Syllabus Project Descriptions and Digication e-Portfolios Fall 2021 ENG 302

(CRN#'s 75668 & 73878)


ASU ENG 301 - Online


Syllabus, Project Descriptions, and Digication e-Portfolios Spring 2021

(CRN#'s  & )




Streamlined Student Writing Feedback

  1. Students will receive feedback on their writing from the instructor only if they ask for it. This includes asking for feedback before or after the due date for each project.
  2. Students will receive a grade based on a detailed rubric assessment.
  3. Students are encouraged to visit during office hours to ask questions about their writing and grades. 


Writing is an inter-connective act, a process of making connections. Individuals use and create language(s), discourse(s) and rhetoric(s) to connect with one another and form communities where they share information, create knowledge(s) and make meaning. Communities connect individuals linguistically, physically and emotionally through their construction, dispersion, production and consumption of knowledge(s).


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