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Syllabus Project Descriptions and Digication e-Portfolios Spring 2021

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ENG 302 Textbook




  • The structure of this course is project-based learning, which is essentially learning by doing, I will act as a facilitator during the course of the semester
  • For each project due date, you will choose between the eight options to complete; students will choose their own topics to write and research about (unless individual modules are themed, i.e. Themes can include career, résumé writing, or interviewing individuals associated with a particular major or field)
  • So, you will eventually complete three of the eight options by each of the three writing project due dates 
  • All final projects will be submitted to the instructor through students’ Digication e-Portfolios
  • Students are encouraged to share a draft with the instructor prior to the due date in order to earn the best grade possible—students should share a draft of their paper with the instructor at least three days prior each projects’ due date (students may share a draft through email or through Google Docs)


The Writing Programs Mission supports grading that is process-centered rather than product-centered. Neither individual paper grades nor final course grades should be based on grammatical issues. Under no circumstances should students fail Writing Programs courses solely on the basis of grammatical issues. (Grammatical issues do not include genre-specific conventions, such as formatting, headings, capitalization, punctuation marks or documentation of sources.)


Streamlined Student Writing Feedback


  1. Students will receive feedback on their writing from the instructor only if they ask for it. This includes asking for feedback before or after the due date for each project.
  2. Students will receive a grade based on a detailed rubric assessment.
  3. Students are encouraged to visit during office hours to ask questions about their writing and grades.




You may


  • Work in groups of 2-3 (Students are expected to submit one final project when working in a group. Tasks and responsibilities within the group are left for students to decide. You may work in a group on all three projects. If you have any issues with your group, you may email me directly and we will work them out. If there is a need, I have a “peer assessment sheet” in that allows teammates to evaluate one another’s performance.
  • Combine projects (When combining projects, you will submit one project for two or three grades, depending how many projects you can imagine combining. This option allows you to test your creativity. For instance, depending on your levels of creativity, you could combine Option Three, “Starting a Career,” Option Five, the “Career Interview Investigation Portfolio,” and Option Eight, “Career Forecast,” as one giant project (this is only one possible combination). You would be expected to creatively merge elements from multiple modules into one final project that you will submit to your Digication e-Portfolio. This one giant project will count for all three grades (Combining three Options = Three Writing Projects). OR, you could combine two Options, for instance, Option Two, “Starting a Business,” and Option Four, “Marketing or Improving a Product, Service, or Business,” for two grades. If you combine any of the projects, the due dates will re-adjusted.



Student ASU Digication e-Portfolios ENG 302 Spring 2021

(NOTE: You will need to be logged into your ASURITE to view the Digication e-Portfolios below)




Jinlin An



Josh Blickem


Tyler Casillo


Chunrong Chen


Alexandra Coelho 


Ryan Coughlin 


Karina De Jesus 



Ashley Wai Yee Foong 


Kayla Gonzalez 



Jiani Gao


Ovidiu Grigorosita


Zachary Guccione


Brycen Head


Nathan Hefner



Chengsong Jiang


Qinqin Jiang


Zhizi Jiang


Rhea Kamaraj


Sou ian Lam



Chengyuan Li



Jiaqi Li



Weiliang Li 



Zheng Lian



Jinwei Liu



Xuanzi Lu



Ruishi Ma


Huy Mai



Adelina Martins


Zhiyuan Mao 


Brayan Martinez


Zhaoyuan Mei



Ryan Milanovits


Taylor Pitts



Beyeli Rios Jimenez



Lisa Situ


Austin Thurman


Jiaqi Sun


Peifeng Wang


Runyi Wang 


Shenghao Wen 



Allie Workman


Lingyu Xiang


Yating Xie



Yeyu Zhou











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